Stan Upstaged by “THE MAN”

22 Jul

I know this is yesterday’s news, but I just came across this video and it reminded me again how poorly the recognition of Stan the Man Musial was at the All Star game.  To me it’s simple.  This was Stan’s day in St. Louis.  We all wanted it.  We all poised ourselves for the moment that gave us goosebumps and chills just imaging it. 

Can you think of one person that could have seized the stage and pulled the rug out from under Stan the Man on this epic day?  Enter the President of the United States.  Really?  The President? 

Politics completely set aside–what a shame for Stan and for St. Louis baseball fans.  Great that the President was in town for the event.  Great that he threw out the first pitch wearing a White Sox jacket and mom jeans.  That’s all fine and good and I really have zero issue with that fact.  My beef is that Musial was carted out to the side of the field to hand the President of the United States the first pitch ball.  Who’s the focus on here?  Why did Stan have to share the spotlight?  Couldn’t there have been separate recognitions?  Couldn’t Stan have handed the ball to Pujols…pose for a picture…give that all famous swing…then have him circle the field and exit back by the bullpen?  Pujols could have handed the ball to the President and Obama could have had the exact same moment and attention that he received at the actual event.

Stan, you deserved better.  Just know that St. Louis knows that.


You read it, now share with me what YOU think :)

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