Landscaping Adventures

4 Aug

I’ve been really tired lately, hence the decrease in TSB…or time spent blogging.  (OK, bad radio reference there for those who understand that type of thing…sorry.)  I’ve found myself to exhausted to muster together a coherent, and more importantly interesting, story to share with you folks. 

This weekend Jarrod and I spent some serious time (and money) perking up the landscaping around our house.  After 5 tons of driveway rock and 8 tons of fill dirt sat piled high on our property…it was go time.  How, do you ask, does one man and a 4 1/2 month pregnant woman move a collective 13 tons of heavy material?  The answer is most definitely not by themselves.  A big thank you to Eric, Justin, Matthew, Caleb, and Jarrod’s parents for all of their much needed help.  We could not have done it without you and we are very, very grateful. 

The driveway took what seemed like less than 60 minutes to cover.  With 4 men raking out rock, I suppose it went reasonably fast.  The dirt arrived just as the rain did and we had to work swiftly to get dirt from pile to wheelbarrow to its final destination surrounding the house.  Soon everyone was essentially soaked, but coupled with the 84 degree weather, the rain was actually not unpleasant.  We managed to get about 60% of the dirt moved before we called it quits and retired to some Cardinal baseball (Holliday had 2home runs) and a meal provided in lieu of compensation for the hard work…beer brats, burgers, homegrown green beans, chips, and beer. 

Sunday Jarrod and I hit up Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Market Basket and purchased about 30 plants to garnish the house and headed back to the big city of Hamel to get cracking again.  The plants all made it in the ground and all we have yet to do it edge and mulch.  I hope that’s easier labor than the rest of it was! 

Pictures to follow soon!


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