Mysterious Ways

12 Aug

We’ve all heard the saying, “God works in mysterious ways.”  We probably all have little stories, or big stories, that allow us to illustrate that saying with our own lives.  I had one last week.

Two years ago (ish), Jarrod and I got married.  Being the bride and wanting to be as beautiful as I could for that day, I purchased a Bridal Package from a renowned local spa–to the tune of over $400.  This package was to include my hair and make up (trial and day-of), a massage, 2 facials, and a manicure and pedicure.  Well worth the money.  Or so I thought.

I used the first facial about 6 weeks before the wedding and it was glorious.  This was my first experience with a facial of this caliber.  I was NOT expecting a shoulder, arm, hand, foot and calf massage!  What a great surprise!  Plus the hour of facial cleansing, a scalp and facial massage…the most relaxing experience I’ve ever paid for…

Where this picture-perfect wedding primping tragically derailed occurred during my make up and trial session.  First the make up.  Red lipstick?  Not my thing.  However the make up artist insisted that on my big day, I want to stand out.  I looked like a clown and she thought I looked like a work of her art.  I decided to push through it and try to put on my happy face and move to my hair trial.  This was a major point of contention from the get-go.  Somehow or another, the Master Stylist that I was scheduled with decided to be on vacation the weekend of my wedding.  Mind you, I had this appointment in line 4 months ahead of time.  How could he just go on vacation? 

So after I moved to the salon, I sit in the chair belonging to an 18 year old, fresh out of high school snob.  She asked me what I wanted…I told her that I wanted it half up and wavy curly…not Curly Sue curly…but naturally curly.  With no emotion and a judgmental attitude she replies, “With your veil…you have to wear it all up.” 

Like hell I do!  

My bridesmaid  and good friend Ashly was with me and even she tried to explain what I wanted…all to no avail.  The girl just wasn’t having any of it.  Apparently she knew what was best and what was right.  I kept my mouth shut and decided that after today, I wouldn’t be coming back to this establishment for any services. 

I met with the owner to explain my experience and she assured me that the only thing she could do for me was reimburse me for my troubles with gift certificates.  I spent 45 minutes going around with her about it…gift certificates is what I got. 

Now remember, this was 2 years ago.  She gave me the gift certificates and I walked out the door.  I was so infuriated and dissatisfied.  When I got home, I put the gift certificates on my dresser and moved on with my day (which happened to be the day of my bachelorette party). 

When it came time to move into the new Hamel house…the gift certificates were gone…no where to be found.  $363.10 of glorious facials, massages, whatever I wanted…gone.  I called the spa and said that I had misplaced the gift certificates, they told me there was nothing they could do. 


Flash forward to last Wednesday.  I get a phone call from a rather chipper person from a number not saved in my phone.  Usually I don’t answer these, but Wednesday I did.  “Hello, this is s0-and-so from ———- Spa, we have on record that you have sizable amount of gift certificates out that you haven’t used, and we want to know if we could make an appointment for you to use any of our services.”

Hold the phone.  What?

I lost those gift certificates.  They were gone.  Vanished.

Instead of raise the point that I had called 2 years ago to ask about these very gift certificates, I decided that maybe God was patting me on the back.  I can’t think of a time in the last 5 years where I could used the pampering more than now.  24/7 of feeling akward and uncomfortable needed those $363.10 of pampering and relaxation. 

I can only assume that the frustration and heartache that I went through 2 years ago was because Someone knew that those dollars would be better spent down the road.  And more so, that there would be no way that I would have spent those dollars today on spa services. 

This is one of those nagging frustrations, every time it would enter my mind, it would just make me bitter.  I’d be internally irate with the amount of money that seemed flushed down the toilet with those lost gift certificates.  Now I feel like I have a happy ending.

Well, that and facials, massages, and more facials to look forward to!


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