First Day

9 Apr

Yesterday was the first day in a long journey.  Here’s what I did:

Special K bowl of cereal, banana for breakfast

Fiber One bar and a yogurt for mid morning snack

Turkey and Swiss on Sandwich thin bread, yogurt, apple for lunch

Applebees’ Asiago Peppercorn Steak, steamed broccoli, herb roasted potatoes (under 550) meal for dinner

This steak meal was great!  Highly recommended.

Also, yesterday was my first day back at the gym.  Melissa, my sister-in-law, and I strapped the gloves on and did an hour long cardio boxing class at The Boxing Gym in Glen Carbon.  Ummmm…wow.  Sweat, pain, and stink!  But oh, how I loved it.  I definitely didn’t dominate the work out, but I definitely did hang in there.  My goal going in was to never sit anything out.  Take breaks if I need them, but don’t quit.  DON’T quit.  I’ve been virtually inactive for about 10 months now.  Pregnancy isn’t exactly nature’s greatest energy boost.  So the goal for now is just to keep showing up at the gym.  Just BE there.  Good things will happen.


You read it, now share with me what YOU think :)

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