Days 7, 8, & 9 and a Birthday

19 Apr

So the blogging went somewhat back-burner this weekend.  I turned 26 on Sunday and had a wonderful birthday weekend.  I’d have to equate it to Christmas as an adult.  We all can remember the feeling that we would get deep in our stomachs…the anticipation for the holiday, or birthday, that was developing inside of you and was just waiting to burst out.  I can’t say that I’ve felt that feeling (except for the waiting for Charlie) in probably 10 years.  The crazy thing about it is, even though I haven’t had that build up of anticipation, I still wait for it to come.  I’m anticipating anticipation.  Wha?

It’s like, you want streamers for your birthday, but I’m 26…a little past streamers.  So what does a birthday become year after year once you’re past the “important” birthdays?  Are the remaining important birthdays ones where you qualify for new possibilities in life…you’re 35, now you can be the President…you’re 50, now you get your AARP card…you’re 62 (67 now for my generation), now you get to draw social security…  What do we look forward to year after year when we add a +1 to our age?

While thinking about that very question, I have to assess where I am today and where I was one year ago.  Holy cow.  Who was that person that was just 365 days younger?  One year ago all I wanted to know where we were heading out to on Friday night and who we were going to be hanging with.  Now I just want to know where is the burp cloth and what did I do with that Binky.  My entire life has taken on new meaning and new responsibility.  I don’t feel like I need to live my life to please others like I used to.  I need to live my life to support my family and to reflect my faith.  If I do those things, everything else will fall in line.  And if it falls out-of-place according to that structure, then I have to let it go.

Needless to say, one year ago my life was entirely different than it is now.  And one year from now, it will be, again, entirely different from what it is today.  That’s a good thing.  Change is inevitable, right?  Pretty much the only thing that I’m going to focus on in this 26th year of my life is simply that very day that I’m living in at that very moment.  Today is a new day and many things will happen today both good and bad.  The same thing will be true tomorrow.  But since tomorrow is never today, I’ll just stick with what is happening in the now and not fret about the future.  And also, not hope for the future to get here so fast that soon enough I’m hoping for the past.

With all that being said, year 26 is going to be a good year for me.  I’m going to take care of myself and be the best me that I can be…since only I can be me!  This past Friday Jarrod took me to Casa Gallardo for a birthday meal.  It was delicious and less than healthy.  However, I met my calorie goal for the day without sabotaging any other nutrient categories.  Friday, J, Charlie, and I took a long brisk stroll weaving and winding through the maze that is Esic.  Saturday I began my morning by walking from our home in Esic to my parents home on Bluff.  It was a good 60 minute walk at a Britney Spears Pandora pace (it keeps me going) and I felt great when I completed the walk.  Sunday, my birthday, I ate surprisingly healthy and enjoyed the day with family.  I didn’t exercise as much as I should have over the course of the weekend, but I never totally bombed in the eating department.

Oh yes, I weighed in on Friday after a week of hitting it har…lost 4 lbs.  31 to go!


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