Reader Poll: Salt

23 Apr

Had this conversation at work today and there are definitely different ways to look at it…

Should the government regulate the amount of sodium that restaurants and fast food chains put in their food?

–Is it a personal responsibility or the government’s responsibility to ensure that any food I eat is nutritionally balanced?

Talk amongst yourselves.


One Response to “Reader Poll: Salt”

  1. AK April 23, 2010 at 3:39 PM #

    Not sure about this, but I really do think that the government should decide what color clothes I wear when I go running, and therefore, what running clothes the department stores should be allowed to sell. They should only sell bright colored clothing that has reflective strips in order to save me from being run over by a car. After all, it’s for my own benefit.

You read it, now share with me what YOU think :)

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