Errr…Mouthes of Babes…Again…

4 May

Aunt Ashly visited tonight and helped me manage a fussy baby.  Lately, Charlie has been near inconsolable at times…changing rapidly from happy, laughing, and playing, to crying so hard he’s gasping for breath.  At the doctor appointment last Friday, we mentioned to the doctor that he was showing some signs of teething.  She assured us that it was early to be teething, but not at all out of the realm of possibility.

Tonight, with the help of a Ryobi 18v Flashlight, J saw what appears to be a white cap poking through Charlie’s lower gum.  Yay for finding out what’s causing these mood swings.  Boo for knowing that it’s going to be lasting for a while.

Actually, scratch the Boo.  We got this.


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