My Temporary Home

10 May

If you read this, you know about J and my current living situation.  So, over this Mother’s Day weekend, J and I got to spend some quality time with my mom doing what she does best…gardening.  If you’ve ever had the distinct pleasure to walk through the gardens at my parents’ farm, you know that my mom and dad’s thumbs are the freshest shade of green.  In a (constant) effort to improve our little Hamel home, mom and sister Katie came out on Saturday to lend a very helping hand.  Katie took to paint touch ups and detail work (details is what Katie does) inside and mom dominated outside.  We had a patch of grass near the bay window that spends basically all day in the shade…read…will not grow grass.  We pointed this spot out to mom and within an hour we had a newly landscaped area, complete with border, mulch, and hostas.  We took mom’s leadership efforts to a 360 degree approach and nailed out the entire circumference of the house.

After a 60 minute hiatus around 4 pm, we met up with my dad and he came out to work with us until the sun began to set.

I took the below pics on my Blackberry in the rain, so the day is kind of gloomy…but we’re super excited about the way the house is looking.

When we bought the house it came with a rather busted up patio.  And by that, I mean that we think that the stones were laid out in some fashion as to at one point possibly resemble a patio.  Dad went to town pulling up all the old stones and stacking them to the side for future use.  After a good soaking of Round Up (which I realized makes me feel extremely and uselessly powerful) we had the space cleared for take off.  Today J framed out the new patio with some 1×6’s and had some sand delivered.  Next up we’ll reset the stones and have ourselves (well, sorta ourselves) a friendly little patio.  More updates in the making for the breezeway…stay tuned.

That’s J way out there.  I made him go out and take this picture.  I told him to spread his hands out wide as to say, “Hey!  Look at this really huge backyard!”  He did it, but he wasn’t very happy to be doing it.  Just another reason why I love him.

Here you can see where we extended the landscaping border around the house to the back.  Mom weeded out those irises.  They look really nice now!

We know our little Hamel home is not a mansion on a hill and we know that even after all the time and energy we’ve put in that there is still so much more that could be done.  And in any matter of time, those projects will be done.  The question remains if those improvements will be made by us or by the next person/couple/family that gets to love and be loved by this home.


One Response to “My Temporary Home”

  1. Debbie Rathert May 12, 2010 at 9:25 PM #

    Nice pictures. It was totally worth the time and black and blue hand that I now have thanks to the dorky step-on-the-rake-and-make-it-spring-up-and-konk-you move that I did. Glad I was by myself for that display of coordination. But it was fun!

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