Still at it.

24 May

So have you been wondering about my venture in to losing weight that I talked about here?  Have you been wondering if maybe I fell off the wagon, said screw it, and hoped that my readers forgot about it?  The answer is I’m still at it.  And the exciting news is that I’m down 9 lbs.

I’m over six weeks into this effort to change my lifestyle, and in that same vein, my life.  If I were to be completely honest, I’d say that 6 weeks in I wanted to be farther that 9 lbs down.  However, I spent about 10 days with a terrible cold and lacking the ability to inhale and exhale appropriately through my nose.  That made exercise a little difficult.  In retrospect, I think this cold was beneficial.  Even though it put the brakes on my go-get-em momentum in the exercise department, it really made me analyze the other equally and maybe more important part of losing weight–my diet.  As I said in the original post about this weight loss effort, I wasn’t going to do anything crazy to drop quick weight by starving myself or adapting to an unrealistic and less than enjoyable diet plan.  I want to drop the weight right, learn portion control, fuel my body with those things that it needs to function healthily, and condition my mind to do the things that it needs to to keep the weight off.  I believe firmly that if you cut out something you enjoy greatly, that when it’s allowed back in the diet, it’s too easy to over indulge.  So, yea, I treat myself.

Here’s what I’ve been doing so far:

-Oatmeal Monday-Friday for breakfast at 8am
-SlimFast shake at about 10:30am (Rich Chocolate Royale…really?  This is good for me?  Yum.)
-Single serving Dole pear or pineapple fruit cup in 100% natural fruit juice/no sugar added as a snack before lunch
-Another SlimFast shake again at around 1pm-1:30pm
-Approximately 500 calorie dinner cooked by my very talented chef of a husband…usually consists of chicken breast, sweet potato and a can of peas or green beans

Saturdays I usually spend eating whatever works into that day’s schedule, but I just try to make my day’s meals as healthy as I can.  For example, we end up at McDonalds…I get a grilled chicken sandwich (plain), yogurt parfait, and a diet coke (55o calories/12 grams of fat and that’s with everything on the chicken sandwich…so nix the mayonnaise and that comes down reasonably).  Sundays pretty much always consist of a Turkey lunch plate/broccoli/sweet potato at Bully’s for lunch.  Dinner may or may not even happen depending on the day’s schedule.  Sunday evenings my diet gets checked at the great Hamel village boundary line.  We visit grandma and play cards…and she bakes.  It’s always way to yummy to pass up, and I make this my one guilt free time to enjoy something sweet and not feel bad about it.  I look forward to it all week and allowing myself to have Sunday dessert without beating myself up about it makes saying no to the other sweets during the week a whole lot easier.

I’m back in the groove now with working out.  Boot Camp is full throttle and I LOVE IT.  I can’t speak highly enough about the workout.  The 45-60 minutes is a “leave it all on the gym floor” type of workout matched with an incomparable feeling of achievement and satisfaction once it’s over.  Right now I’m pretty much going to these by myself, don’t have a work out buddy.  If you’ve been thinking about doing something, give this a try.  Really.  There are people in there born in the 90s and born in the 50s (maybe 40s?  I’m afraid to make those assumptions!).  You’ll have very personal training and all the exercises have modifications to make them more or less challenging based on your level of fitness.  I’m pretty much capable of doing the exercises as they’re designed, some I can amp up a bit, others I have to tone down.  Post-baby bodies don’t have a great amount of the core strength they had originally…and where did my balance go?  Slowly I’m recovering from being a walking talking teeter-totter.  Anyway, I guarantee you that if you give it a try, you’ll love it.  I go Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm and I try to go on Saturdays at 8am…but weekend mornings are a lot easier said than done.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress and the setbacks.  Keep on me and hold me accountable.  And if you have ANY suggestions, advice, or comments relating to this little journey of mine…SHARE SHARE SHARE!  You put up with my thoughts here sometimes daily, I would love to hear yours.


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