18th Annual Day Before Memorial Day Celebration

1 Jun

Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend is the start of the summer season.  Barbeques are lit, pools are opened, and cold beverages are had.  While many people gather in many places for this very important holiday, for over the past decade, I’ve gathered with some of my most favorite people at the Kottwitz Komplex.  The event is an absolute blast filled with a (not so) intense ragball/softball game, lots of food, plenty of drinks, and an epic bonfire to cap off the evening.

Over the course of the years that I have been attending the Annual Day Before Memorial Day Celebration, some many things in my life…and the lives of those who attend the event…has changed.  The one common thread that holds the entire group together is Trinity.  In the years that have passed, Trinity has seen some incredible highs and some extreme lows.  But through it all, on the Sunday before Memorial Day, grab your glove, get your cooler and set up your lawn chairs.  It’s time for a party.

In my life, the Annual Day Before Memorial Day Celebration has marked some pretty distinctive events.  I believe I got my first official boyfriend, celebrated one of my greatest friend’s (Katrina’s) weddings, announced to the clan that I was expecting, and then this year, got to bring the first third generation person from our group of friends to carry on the legacy.

So, if I were to teach Charlie anything, I believe I could teach him all of the important parts by sharing with him this party.

-Times change, people change.  Change with them and you’ll stay the same together.
-Give thanks to Him who provides you with food (and everything else you have) and pray before meals.
-Recognize, honor, and respect the great men and women who have made us and who keep us free.
-Want to win, but it’s okay if you don’t.
-Sometimes you have to let the little guy win.
-Sometimes you don’t.
-Share your food, share your drinks, share your good times and your bad times.  Be willing to give before you’re willing to receive.
-Our country’s flag is a symbol of its greatness, honor it.
-Be a lefty. No one seriously plays right field.

So here’s to Charlie and his first Annual Day Before Memorial Day Celebration.  Here’s to the Kottwitz Family for great hospitality and a great tradition.  And here’s to the men and women who fight, shed blood, and die for this great country to make gatherings like this possible.


You read it, now share with me what YOU think :)

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