Clients From Hell

8 Jun

is a blog that was sent to me by a co-worker.  If you work or ever have worked in any kind of design or sales or probably anything…you’ll totally understand this site and I’m sure will have a few laugh-out-loud moments.  Props to!

Client: “On that map of Maryland graphic… can you get rid of that jaggy thing? My client doesn’t like that.”

Me: “Uhh, that’s the Chesapeake Bay.”

Client: “I don’t think it’s part of Maryland, plus it’s annoying so delete it.”

Me: “Yeah, it’s definitely part of Maryland.”

Client: “I still don’t think so… I’m googling it right now, hold on.”


“OK, just show the state boundary.”

Me: “Uhh, the Chesapeake Bay DEFINES part of the state’s boundary. I can’t delete a body of water.”

Client: “Just fill it in then.”


One Response to “Clients From Hell”

  1. Matthew June 8, 2010 at 4:32 PM #

    That is great!

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