Mary Kay Discount

14 Jun

Some of you may know (and I think most of you don’t) that I’m a Mary Kay representative.  I’ve been selling Mary Kay for about six years now.  I’ve never found a better line of products consistently across the board than Mary Kay and I do continue to try, from time to time, other products as they interest me.

I’m going to be placing an order and I wanted to make an offer to my Common Composure readers.  Email me at to place an order and let me know that you saw this post and receive 30% off of your final order total.

You can go to Mary Kay’s website to check out products and feel free to email me with any questions.  I will deliver your product to you as soon as I receive the shipment, or if you’re not in driving distance, I’ll mail it to you directly.

Also, if you have never used Mary Kay before and may be interested in giving it a try, contact me to see if there are any additional discounts I can give you.

Happy shopping!


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