Sheryl Crow – My Favorite Mistake

29 Jun

I read this article about Sheryl Crow and her presumptions on the Tea Party movement.  While I don’t necessarily call myself a Tea Partier by name, I do subscribe to their conservative way of thinking and I feel that they enrobe what it is to be an American, not exclusively, but individually.

Let me say that I considered myself to be a huge fan of Sheryl Crow’s.  Of the near 600 songs on my Grooveshark playlist, I’m sure she owns 75-100 of those spots.  I even like some of her more politically driven music, of which I don’t find myself issue-aligned. Her music is her forum to send her own message.  And if it’s a solid tune with some admirable acoustic guitar, I’m not shunning it.  I, myself, play a 12-string acoustic and I also love to sing.  Crow is from Missouri and has successfully achieved what I can only dream about.  She beat cancer! She was, in essence, some of what I aspire(d) to be.

Gone, baby, gone.

This is what I wrote on her Facebook, seeing as how I was a Facebook Fan of hers:

“They’re not sure what they’re angry at?” Are you so sure about that? I may be one person in flyover country that doesn’t have a microphone and a stage, but I’m pretty certain that I know what I am angry “at.” And I’m fairly certain your blanketing statements of an entire movement and group of people causes you to be… stereotyping a reasonable portion of your fan base. One that USED TO include me. I’ve owned your CDs, I’ve attended one of your concerts. I am no longer a fan. I was not “angry” until I read your Couric interview. I was however “uneducated” about your bigoted views of people like me, someone you’ve never met but presume you “know.” Shame on you.

I doubt that will lead to anything, and we’ll see if it remains on her page.

If you feel so inclined, comment on her wall with your own message.


You read it, now share with me what YOU think :)

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