Wanna know what I did yesterday morning?

8 Jul

I’m going to tell you anyway.

After another night of segmented sleep, I lugged myself out of bed and into the shower.  Half awake, I washed my hair and my face.  As I was shaving my legs my foot slipped off of the side of the bathtub.  As my foot was falling hard to the bottom of the tub, the razor fell with it…just a bit quicker than my foot…under my toe.

I quickly pulled my foot back up after I stepped hard on the up-turned razor.  As I lifted my foot, the razor came with it.  I dislodged the razor from my big toe to see 5 separate layers of skin still suck in the individual blades. Lots and lots of blood followed.

My toe bled for over 3 hours.  It is now wrapped up in a significant amount of gauze.

Oh, you aren’t squeamish, are you?



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