Giving the Finger?

15 Jul

Ever heard of a man named Ed Schultz?  I had heard of him by his first name, but quite honestly, not by his full name.  Mr. Schultz has a primetime show on a major cable news network.  You may be asking yourself, why does she care what some dude says on some cable network that she doesn’t really watch, but other than just checking in from time to time?

Here’s why. I believe what I believe and I know that there are others, some great friends of mine, that believe the exact opposite of what I believe when it comes to politics.  God bless this great country that we live in.  However.  Here is just a snippet of the media on the other side.  This is frightening.  This guy is angry.

I’d be curious to know if any readers of this little blog get revved up by this man’s diatribe…in a positive way.  Does anyone out there really think what he’s saying is legitimate?  I’m not interested in comparing him to any of the kooks, if you will, on the fringe right.  Is this guy fringe left?  Or is this how the left feels in this country?

It’s hard for me to tell if the political unrest in this country is as it has been for the over 234 years of its existence.  I feel like the saturation of politics in the media is allowing for what may have always been the case to come to a very public head.  Either way, is Mr. Schultz fringe?  or is he you?


You read it, now share with me what YOU think :)

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