Mosque Mistake – Who are we offending?

19 Aug

I fear that this man is more American at heart than some of those within our own borders, and within our elected offices.  How is it that from the outside looking in, the answer to this despicable situation seems so clear?  Yet we sit here and fear the ungodly possibility of offending someone for disapproving of building the mosque!

If we’re so afraid of offending people, why don’t we consider how truly and terribly offensive it would be to build this mosque in the shadow of where women lost their husbands, men lost their wives, fathers their daughters, and mothers their sons, sons their mothers, and daughters their fathers?

Do we not care about these Americans who will suffer the tragic loss of loved ones for the remainder of their lives?

Do we honor those lost by permitting that which condemns our beliefs, our freedoms, our rights to set up shop where their business has already been carried out?

I say no. A thousand times.  NO.


One Response to “Mosque Mistake – Who are we offending?”

  1. Peter Reynolds August 19, 2010 at 3:52 PM #

    If this is what free speech means in America then for the first time ever I’m glad Britain isn’t hidebound by a written constitution.

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