Hot Cup of Tea

20 Oct

It’s cold.  Have you noticed? I picked up a tea bag and some Splenda for a hot cup of tea and sat down at my desk to put it all together.  As I dropped the tea bag into the steamy water I was suddenly hit with a flood of memories.  Isn’t it strange how a distinct scent can time warp you back to a moment in time so vividly?

Nine years ago my Grandma Rathert was still here.  We had a pretty close relationship and I credit her for a lot of the things that I know and believe.  Nine years ago you could find me sitting at the kitchen table with her sipping hot tea and talking about a vast array of subjects.  I recall asking her time and time again about growing up in Australia, what it was like, what she missed.  We’d sit at that kitchen table drinking hot tea from tea cups and saucers, sugar boat in tow (mostly for me), and a seemingly endless amount of time to just talk.

I remember being 18 years old and returning from a quarterly trip to Sams and thinking, “This isn’t going to last forever.”

I remember the chats we had.  I remember her somewhat feeble chilled hand resting on mine as we’d sit at the table.  I also remember thinking back to when I was a little girl, maybe around 6, and sipping hot tea with grandma in the same way.  I thought then how much I needed to cherish the moment, for soon the moment would become a memory.  Many things have changed since that 6-year-old girl sipped tea alongside Grandma and her crossword and since that 18-year-old girl packed cabinets with groceries and helped with small odd jobs around the house to be rewarded with a conversation over a steaming cup.

What hasn’t changed is how precious those memories are to me and how a steaming cup of tea brings me back to those moments so quickly.  I miss her, but I’m glad I have this to remind me of those happy times.


One Response to “Hot Cup of Tea”

  1. Jane October 20, 2010 at 1:08 PM #

    Once again, I must congratulate you on your writing skills. As I read this post, I could envision the scene like I was sitting there with the two of you. I used to keep Earl Grey tea at my house just for Aunt Norma.

    Keep up the good work.

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