Surprise Christmas Gift!

21 Dec

I was just merrily greeted at my desk by the 97.1 sales staff and a bottle of Barefoot’s finest Riesling!

The word “job” in and of itself is not a necessarily pleasant one. Most folks don’t look for jobs to do around the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Many people consider their regular job a considerable source of stress and obligation. True, if I had a Scrooge McDuck money pool that I could spend day and night swimming in, maybe I’d render myself a retiree. But chances are, Scrooge McDuck had to spend a few years creating that gargantuan pile of shiny gold coins. And I, too, will have to invest some time in creating my own.

With that being said, there is no place I can imagine working for, with, or at than where I do now. I’m surrounded by truly good people. Fun people. And honest people. It’s a blessing that I remind myself of everyday I sit in traffic, each time I kiss my son goodbye in the morning, and every other Friday when I can continue supporting my family.

Thanks Emmis for being so awesome and thank you sales team for the wine!
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