Edwardsville Mom 2 Mom Sale!

28 Dec

Trinity Lutheran Church has a Mom 2 Mom sale twice a year, and it’s a wonderful time for mom’s to sell the old stuff and stock up on the new.  It’s essentially a huge garage sale where near 40 tables of small necessities like clothes, toys, shoes, coats, and books are available.  And even better, there are large items for sale as well – cribs, mattresses, pack and plays, exersaucers, furniture, strollers, high chairs, and more!  J and I have a 1-year-old and we’ve been to the last two Mom 2 Moms and I don’t know what we would have done without them!  We’ve stocked up on clothes for as little as 50 cents and item, bought a really nice Eddie Bauer diaper bag ($2.00!), and lots of shoes.

My biggest recommendation is to the new grandmas out there.  It’s pretty invaluable to mom’s and dad’s to be able to visit the grandparents’ homes and not feel like they’re venturing on a 3 week vacation. Trinity’s Mom 2 Mom Sale is a fantastic opportunity for acquiring all the basics – pack and play (portable crib $15-$30!), exersaucers (around $20!), high chairs (around $20), and more toys than you can count.  If you’re anticipating a grandbaby and you want to make your home as prepared for the grandbaby visits as possible, don’t miss this sale!


Here’s the info:

Mom 2 Mom sale
Trinity Lutheran Church, Edwardsville
Feb. 19th 9-12
Tell all your friends
Tables available to rent
contact Casey Shank to rent a table: casey_diane@yahoo.com


Happy shopping!


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