Katie’s Big 3-0

31 Mar

Today (and by today I’m referring to the day with minutes remaining in it), is a big day in the Rathert family. The oldest and most over achieving (sorry Joey) Rathert has hit her 3rd decade of life.  In full disclosure, 30 seems old.  Thirty seems like the real start to being an adult, as if the excuses of being in your twenties don’t really carry the same weight.  However, at the same time, I look at my sister and I don’t see anything that resembles old age.

What I do see is wisdom. Katie is someone who craves making good decisions and maybe panics a little when worrying about making the wrong ones.  I have traits of my own that are much worse than that.  Katie strives for perfection and accepts little less. This desire to succeed has landed a “Dr.” in front of her name.  While I’m a persistent and competitive person, I am no match for Katie’s unwavering ability to score top-notch on whatever it is. Fortunately for me, somewhere along the line, I learned that Katie was a trailblazer.  The path she took in life was commendable, not easily attainable, and in all honesty, pretty much dominated.  If I was going to succeed in life and develop my own self worth, I was going to have to cut my own path in a new direction.

For a part of my life I probably resented her ease with success, her being the highest achiever of the high achievers, and her beauty and grace while doing it all.  Now that I’m an adult I can see that what she achieved motivated me to do the same thing that she did.  Cut my own path and do the best I can while blazing through it.  It’s made me a better person (undoubtedly a competitive and stubborn person) and there’s probably a fair amount of gratitude that I owe her for just basically being awesome at whatever she set her mind to.

Our paths went in different directions and I believe we’ve both done pretty good for ourselves.  I like to think that those paths have aligned, and while they aren’t the same, they run side by side.  And that is a good thing.

Happy Birthday Katie.  You’re old. 🙂

Charlie laughing hysterically at Aunt Katie.


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