Meeting Lt. Dan, A Real American Hero

11 Apr

Gary Sinise, of Forrest Gump and CSI: NY fame, came by the radio station today to promote an event for his band.  If you’re not familiar with The Lt. Dan Band, well, you should be.  According to Mr. Sinise, he’s been active in the role of supporting our Veterans for decades now.  His interest and passion for the cause is what led him to being so successful in the role of Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump. Sinise plays near or over 40 concerts a year and donates proceeds of his events to benefit those who have given their lives, limbs, and leisure to their country in the name of freedom.  The band has traveled the world entertaining our troops stationed overseas.

It’s incredibly refreshing to see someone with such star power dedicating his time to a cause so worthy and often overlooked.  In his letter to his website visitors, Mr. Sinise says this:

It is important to remember that these defenders are volunteers. There is no draft. Military service is something that we all have a choice to do or not to do. And I am grateful that there are Americans that have made the choice to serve. Especially in such dangerous and uncertain times. What would we do if no one wanted to defend this great country?

How could I say it any better?

The Lt. Dan Band will be in St. Louis late in May.  In partnership with the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, The St. Louis Area Fire Departments, and the New York Fire Department, the money raised from this event will go to benefit Cpl Todd Nicely, the second quadruple amputee to survive.  The money raised from the event will go to help build a smart home for Cpl Nicely that meets his needs.  If you’re interested in seeing the Lt. Dan Band and learning more about who Mr. Sinise is graciously working to help, check out the information below.

Friday, May 27th @ The Family Arena
Benefit for US Marine Cpl. Todd Nicely
The Family Arena – 2002 Arena Pky, St Charles, MO, 63303

Poster Showtime – 7:30 pm
Presented by Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers FoundationNY Firefighters, St. Louis Firefighters, Firefighters from across the Midwest and Gary Sinise are holding a benefit concert for Corporal Todd Nicely who lost his arms and legs in Afghanistan. Proceeds of Benefit Concert will go towards building Corporal Todd Nicely a ‘Smart’ home.

Tickets ( $25-$150 ) available by phone : (314) 534-1111 or

You read it, now share with me what YOU think :)

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