17 Aug

Boy have I been a bad blogger. It seems as though time keeps moving forward and I’m knee deep in mud, moving in slow motion. So many things are changing for the Freys, and in very good ways too. This Monday, J ventured into his first day in a classroom as a student teacher at Collinsville Middle School. You see, the thing about blogging is that this is a place where I can put it all out there, for you to read and for me to purge from my mind. Sometimes the rapping of the keys and pressing publish is the most therapeutic way to handle a situation–no matter how joyful, sad, frustrating, or common place that situation may be.

Jarrod’s journey through college as a whole has been an adventurous one. Like so many others our age, his first degree didn’t produce a career. There just aren’t any jobs. The one job he did have developed into a souring ordeal where he was promised a certain amount of compensation only to go weeks and weeks with none. The “employers” were deceptive, arguably devious, in how they handled him. Bad stuff happening to a good person. Once we made the decision for J to return to school to achieve another degree, this time in History with a teaching certification, we weren’t done with the first semester back before we found out we were expecting. A joyous surprise – yes, but as many can relate, a stressful one as well. J has plugged along this whole time winning and losing battles along the way with his new academic pursuit. But as he put on his tie Monday morning, he took the final steps in winning the war. I’m so proud of him and his accomplishments. I suppose I just want all of you to be the same.

Along with J’s back to school venture, I am so excited to say that we will be moving back to Hamel in mid-November. Just like the situation with J’s schooling, the housing plan hasn’t gone according to how we expected it too. Things changed. But you better believe we’ll roll with the punches. We’ve got that act down by now. We’re excited to bring Charlie back to his home, to the place we brought him home to the very first time he found out what home was. We’ve been working hard to get the place suitable for him and while the inside is going to need a little work, it’s all worth it for the little guy.

Work has been wonderful for me. It continues to be something I take great pride in doing. I just said to J the other night how blessed I am to have a job that doesn’t make me dread the morning.

I suppose that all these things sum up to being greatly blessed. From the outside looking in, we live a humble life. We don’t have the flashiest things or the coolest newest toys. But what we do have is greater than the tangible. In all of the ups and downs and the hardships we’ve had to experience in the last two years, I’m starting to open my eyes to the fact that nothing was going according to my plan. And maybe that’s because it was all according to His plan. Silly me for taking so long to see.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  – Jeremiah 29:11


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