Huge News!

26 Nov

"I'm getting a cousin!"

I know you’ve all been wondering about the “very big day” I posted about on Wednesday and it was, in fact, a very big day! You know, one of those life-changing days. The kind that make you go out and make sizable purchases. That change the landscape of your future. The ones that make you smile every time you think about it!

Charlie is going to be…a cousin!  And yes, I’m going to be an aunt! This is a distinction that all our siblings have, and we had yet to claim. And Wednesday, we found out that the new cousin will be our nephew. Another BOY! Baby Kosten is due April 10, my Grandma Rathert’s birthday. Also, of note, Baby Kosten’s mom, Katie’s birthday is March 31, mine is April 18, Grandma Schumacher’s is April 28, and 2 more cousins celebrate in April as well!

Congratulations to Katie and Jason and here’s to just four and a half more months of smooth sailing until Baby Boy’s arrival. I am pumped!



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