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Herman Cain: Translated

8 Nov

This. Is. Hilarious.


383 Days

20 Oct

Occupy STL: My Visit

13 Oct

Want to know what all this Occupying is about? So did I. So Adam Johnson, KHits Digital Brand Manager, and I went to Kiener Plaza to see what all the fuss is about. Turns out, it’s pretty laid back, not at all hostile, and pretty unorganized.

The opinions these people have are as valid as the next persons, but you would think at a protest that has been carrying on since October 1st (in St. Louis at least) that they would have a more unified message. Either way, hear it straight from the protesters themselves.

Go to and scroll to the middle of the page where you’ll see 6 different folks I interviewed. Let me know what you think!

Occupy Sesame Street

11 Oct

I’m going out to the Occupy STL folks today to see what they have to say. Hope I don’t get beat up.

Just sayin.


24 Aug

So, just to be clear, does that mean we’re coming up on 12 years of unpatriotism in the White House?

I’m confused.  Watch below.

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