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2012 Superbowl Commercial: Awesome.

19 Jan


Charlie and The Choo Choo….Nooo!

25 Oct

Remember This?

18 Oct

I still dig her. What’s she doing these days? Sigh.

Life is Good.

17 Oct

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Maybe it’s the cooler weather.

Maybe it’s car-pooling this morning with my husband to our respective works.

Maybe it’s the non-fat caramel mocha I had on the way to work this morning.

Maybe it’s the job that I still enjoy on a Monday morning.

Maybe it’s the incredibly awesome Hipster Schmipster playlist I have assembled (am assembling) on Spotify.

Maybe it’s the over $60.00 I’ve already saved by using my Entertainment Book from Trinity Lutheran Ministries.

Maybe it’s the adorable picture of Charlie (care of Jill Heupel Photography) that reminds me why I come to work each day.

Or maybe it’s the family picture that reminds me that if I ain’t got nothing, I still have everything.


Or maybe it’s the fact that the Cardinals are in the World Series.


I’m in a good mood.


COMPLETED – Operation Bedding

8 Oct

You voted and we listened! Here’s our new bedding. Thanks for playing. Deciding on paint colors or bathroom next for your choosing. I had intended on putting up bedroom curtains on here, but we came across some awesome ones while we were at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and got a good deal.

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What do you think? You like?

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