2012 Superbowl Commercial: Awesome.

19 Jan


Scenes from Peel

17 Jan


While waiting for a table (always worthwhile) to celebrate Jarrod’s new job, two high school students sat down next to me in their Roxana lettermen’s jackets.

A businessman in a loosened tie with beer in hand walks passed them, pauses, and says, “R? What’s R?”

The boys reply, “Roxana…”

The businessman nods his head and moves to the other end of the bar. The boys then go into a ten minute diatribe about the amazing history and relevance of the town of Roxana.

Did you know that they have the second largest refinery in the United States and the eighth largest in the world? I didn’t, but I do now.

Apparently the one boy’s dad thinks the largest American refinery is in Texas.

Is my table ready yet?

As a matter if fact it is.

Adam Wainwright is Obsessed with Who?

17 Jan

“I am obsessed with Tim Tebow,” Wainwright said according to an MLB.com story.  “I’m not afraid to say it. It’s almost embarrassing to us athletes that this much emphasis is put on Tim Tebow because that means we aren’t living our lives as we should. If we did that more often, the way he is living wouldn’t be as big a story. I’m so proud of him for living out his faith.

“Tim Tebow is such a great role model. I feel like he’s the face of sports right now, and rightfully so. He gives the whole nation something to believe in. It’s a story of hope.”

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Excuse me while I vent…

15 Jan

Many of you have been asking and sadly my response has not changed. Yes, I’m still here, and yes, I still feel terrible. I keep trying to put it out of mind, as if a mental showdown with myself is the best medicine. (Actually, that makes me sound like I may need a different kind of med…) I’ve gone through three different anti-nausea prescriptions (Zofran, Reglan, and Phenergen…in that order) and none of them have left me feeling relief. So, I’ve stopped taking them. I’m constantly loading up on water. I’ve not been able to drink anything carbonated (the bubbles are not my friend). I find myself drawn to foods that are natural and basic (meats, fruits, some veggies). The biggest game changers in how I feel are hunger and cold. Yes, I’m crazy. I know. But get me out of bed in the morning on an empty stomach and put my bare feet on the cold bathroom tile and there is a single guaranteed result.

I’m doing my best not to complain, or at least, not make it anyone else’s problem. Jarrod and I go hardly anywhere and we do hardly anything. My evenings home from work consist of an hour or two of finishing up that day’s work on the lap top and are quickly followed up by an early bedtime. When I sleep I don’t feel sick. Until I wake up in the middle of the night (because pregnant women sacrifice full nights of sleep due to frequent potty breaks) and once again I have to fight the cold bathroom floor.

I write this almost more as a blog to myself. Once pregnancy is far enough from the brain and you’re absorbed in captivating coos, tiny fingers wrapped tightly around your pinky, and the soft sweet stare of your newborn baby’s eyes…all of the less than glamorous pregnancy stuff seems to fade.

I always thought I’d have four children. I didn’t want to have three because I didn’t want to have a middle child (different blog for a different time…ha!). And two just never seemed enough.

Now I’m asking myself…

Can two be enough?

Animal Sounds

10 Jan

You know you don’t own labs and retrievers when you ask your son, “What does a puppy say?” And he says, “Ahhhoooooooooooooooooooo!”

Beagles rule.




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