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Peel, Pirates, and a Pint of Lindemans

27 May


“Get me a beer please” are words not at all foreign in the Frey household.  However they are nearly unheard of coming from my lips. Not tonight. I enjoyed this delicious raspberry beer (J says it doesn’t qualify for beer…) while waiting for our table.

Dinner out with J tonight sans the Little Dude. This does not happen very much, if hardly ever.  I could probably count the times in 17 months that J and I have been out on our own for pleasure over business.  Most of the time babysitter acquisition signifies a game to officiate, a meeting to attend, or an obligation to fulfill. 

So a big virtual cheers to Grandma and Grandpa Frey for allowing us to enjoy dinner (Peel!) and a movie (johnny depp Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D)…a very rare opportunity for the two of us.

Here, here!


TLM Trivia Night: 16 Tables Left!

29 Mar

TLM Trivia Night: 16 Tables Left!.

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