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Amazing Cardinals Tribute Video

23 Jan

If you ever played ball with your dad in the yard. If your grandpa ever turned you around at the plate and forced you to hit with your non-dominant hand. If you’ve ever dreamed a dream that is so beyond your wildest grasp of reality. If you’ve ever been the unexpected, accidental hero and felt so wildly blessed because of it…

“What would you have said if someone would have told you you were going to be the World Series MVP?”
“No chance.”

Phillipians 4:13


Game 5!

7 Oct


There is a very sweet and peaceful 21 month old having wishful dreams about a Cardinals NLDS Championship. He promises to say “Safe!” each time a Redbird (or squirrel) crosses the plate!

Do it for Charlie, won’t you Cardinals?

Charlie, what does a Cub say?

25 Jul

So cute 🙂

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Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame – In Pictures

13 Aug

No Instant Replay – Galarraga

2 Jun

I can hear it already, everyone’s going to be screaming “Instant Replay! Instant Replay!”  I may be in the minority, but I say don’t go there.  Here’s the deal.  Umpire Jim Joyce made a bad call.  After Detroit pitcher, Armando Galarraga, pitched 8 2/3 of perfect baseball (that means he pitched 26 consecutive outs…no hits, no walks, no errors, no hit by pitch, no one reaches base) he was about to put the last out in the book for a perfect game.

If you’re not a hardcore baseball fan and you’re not sure how impressive a perfect game is…this would have only been the 21st perfect game ever thrown in baseball history (dating back to the 1800s).

A perfect game is a big deal.  A really big deal.  And Armando Galarraga was one out away from this incredible feat.  The 27th batter that Galarraga faced was Cleveland Indians Shortstop Jason Donald.  Galarraga delivered the pitch and Donald made contact, sending the ball to Detroit first baseman Miguel Cabrera’s right.  Cabrera fields the ball and tosses it to Galarraga as he covers first base.  It’s a bang bang play.


SAFE? Not quite.  The replay clearly showed that Donald was, in fact, very out.  The replay that was shown again and again on our home television screens made the umpire’s call blatantly obviously wrong.

After the game, Jim Joyce was asked about the call.  “I just cost that kid a perfect game.”

So with all that  being said, why am I not for instant replay?  The question, to me, isn’t so much about getting the right call.  It’s more about administering it after the fact.

Bottom of the 9th.  Home team down by one.  1 out.  Man on second and third. (got to make the fake scenario interesting right?)  Ball hit deep to right field.  Right fielder makes a diving play and appears to have caught the ball.  Umpire signals out.  Upon review, it is discovered that the ball was not caught, actually it was trapped (or quickly bounced into the glove only appearing to be initially caught.) The runner on second saw the trap originally and sprinted to try to score.  When the umpire (incorrectly) signals out, the right fielder throws the ball to the shortstop who is standing on second base and doubles off the runner.  Inning over.

So with the instant replay, the umpire corrects his out call and declares that the ball in right field was not a catch.  Do the runners then score?  Does the defensive team not get a chance to throw that trailing runner out at home?  Sounds like a cluster to me.

I just don’t see how you can implement an instant replay in such circumstances where a situation cannot be physically replayed.  Circumstantial instances such as fair/foul home runs are different because it either is or isn’t.  The runners all score or they don’t.  There isn’t a “what if the runner at second decided to round third to go home” kind of situation.  You cannot replay the down.

I think that, historically, baseball has a format where the calls are made by umpires who are right 98% of the time.  Keeping it this way is what is best for the game.  Allow the umpires to call the game as they see it.  MLB umpires are the best at what they do.  Imagine if you had to be right on at your job 98% of the time…that’s a lot of pressure and consequently unrealistic.

Jim Joyce made a really bad call tonight.  It might have been his only bad call of the night…or even of the season.  No one in this country feels more regret about that call tonight than Jim Joyce does.  But it’s part of the game and bad calls go both ways.  Unfortunately, this one is going to be under a microscope for a long time.  I feel for Joyce and for his family.  And I feel for Galarraga.  Instant Replay might have been best for this play, on this night, for this milestone.  But I just don’t think it’s what’s best for baseball, for its purity, for the game as a whole.

Just sayin.

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