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Amazing Cardinals Tribute Video

23 Jan

If you ever played ball with your dad in the yard. If your grandpa ever turned you around at the plate and forced you to hit with your non-dominant hand. If you’ve ever dreamed a dream that is so beyond your wildest grasp of reality. If you’ve ever been the unexpected, accidental hero and felt so wildly blessed because of it…

“What would you have said if someone would have told you you were going to be the World Series MVP?”
“No chance.”

Phillipians 4:13


Occupy STL: My Visit

13 Oct

Want to know what all this Occupying is about? So did I. So Adam Johnson, KHits Digital Brand Manager, and I went to Kiener Plaza to see what all the fuss is about. Turns out, it’s pretty laid back, not at all hostile, and pretty unorganized.

The opinions these people have are as valid as the next persons, but you would think at a protest that has been carrying on since October 1st (in St. Louis at least) that they would have a more unified message. Either way, hear it straight from the protesters themselves.

Go to 971talk.com and scroll to the middle of the page where you’ll see 6 different folks I interviewed. Let me know what you think!

Where I Get My Deals…

9 Sep

I hesitate to say I’m cheap, because, well that just doesn’t sound all that fashionable. Frugal sounds so Mary Poppins. How about…conservative. 🙂


I like a good bargain, and who doesn’t? So I was thinking, why not share with you guys where I get my great deals from?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Groupon, and if you haven’t, you need to know about it. Essentially, Groupon is a website that presents offers from businesses for unique specials, deals, discounts, or even store credit that can save you big money.  We’ve purchased three Groupons over the past year. We got car washes for Rain Tunnel Express for over 50% off, a pair of 18 holes of golf with cart, range balls, and food at Sugar Creek for $39, and my personal favorite score was our Mattress Firm Groupon buy. We spent $50 on the Mattress Firm Groupon and got a $200 gift certificate to the store, essentially, we got $150 off our mattress. We made that purchase a great success by hitting one of their big sales and getting a discounted queen mattress and we paired it with a closed out returned box springs.  What that means is that the box springs that we purchased were actually used. When people take a mattress home and decide they don’t like it in the 30 or 60 days that they have it, Mattress Firm gives them a money back guarantee.  So when they take that mattress and box springs back into their inventory, they have to do a full cleaning of the product in order to sell it again.  We weren’t too keen on purchasing a used mattress, but the box springs being used didn’t bother us at all…and we saved over 50% by getting the box springs used.  After we selected the products we wanted however, the salesman wasn’t prepared for us to present the Groupon. I think that you’ll get less of a deal walking into the store waving your Groupon around than you would if you present it when you go to pay.  Either way, if you’re interested in looking into it, here’s a referral link from me: click here.

Have you ever heard of Woot?  It’s a site that has a rather genius schtick. One deal, one day. Woot makes a deal with a company where they will sell one product for one day at an agreed upon amount.  The item changes each night at midnight. The catch is, Woot only promises so much inventory per item, that once it’s sold out, it’s gone. So you have to Woot fast if you want to successfully Woot.  (oy.) Jarrod and I have made two purchases on Woot, one was a set of dvd’s for Charlie (I think 7 or 8 dvd’s for like $10) and the second was a Genie garage door opener that saved us over $50 by purchasing it through Woot. You’ll see a wide variety of products, many electronics, and it’s important to always be aware of the condition of the item you’re purchasing. Often the products are new, but occasionally they sell refurbished products, while even the refurbs come with warranties at times.  They also have T-Shirt Woot, Wine Woot, Kids Woot, and Sell Out Woot.  Oh, one more thing, shipping is always $5.00 no matter what you get. And occasionally, they’ll have a Woot-Off, which means the second one product sells out, they throw up the next one, and so on and so forth.  It’s a fun site, check it out. Woot.com

Another FANTASTIC place to get housewares is through a site similar to Woot and Groupon in that it is a daily deal that relies on a group purchasing the product is housewaresdeals.com.  If you’re looking for any kind of kitchen appliances, dining ware, tools, etc, this is the place to check. My favorite part about this site is that it allows you to see Future Deals…helping you better plan your purchases.  This site can often be a wonderful location to purchase wedding, housewarming, or Christmas and birthday gifts. From the very common to the very quirky, this site will often provide you with an avenue to get a really good deal on some fun partyware or maybe just a supplement to your everyday flatware set at home. Housewaresdeals.com

The final place where I get a ton of my good savings opportunities from is at stlmommy.com.  This is a blog by a mom who looks for deals and then generously makes them available to the rest of us looking to pinch a penny from time to time.  She provides coupon match ups as well as courtesy heads-ups when a great sale is going on. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog. You can like her on Facebook as well and see the deals as they pop up in your Facebook news feed. I’ve purchased clothes, diapers, formula, food, and general toiletries and saved loads of money thanks to the STL Mommy, you should too!  STLMommy.com


There is one other up and coming place that is going to be offering some awesome deals, but it’s a secret for now.  I’m looking forward to explaining more about it soon so stay tuned.  🙂

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